5 Stand-Up Comedy Tips to Be a Better Public Speaker!

My dream has been to one day get Pitch Lab into a comedy club.

It’s taken years.

Voodoo TEDx Pitch Lab

You see, the comedy stage is where I overcame my fear of public speaking.

When I first began using the techniques I learned as a stand-up comedian: authenticity, vulnerability & breaking the 4th wall — not only did my presentations improve, but I started building real connections.

And beat my stage fright.

Jay Voodoo TEDx Pitch Lab

What we’ve learned at Pitch Lab over the years is most of our attendees have one thing in common:

The fear of public speaking prevents them from landing their dream job, getting the promotion they deserve, or helping their team succeed.

Voodoo TEDx Pitch Lab Comedy Karaoke

That’s why partnering with TEDxMileHigh Adventures & Voodoo Comedy Playhouse to give back to Denver has been a highlight of our journey so far.

Voodoo TEDx Pitch Lab Daniel Reskin

Want the Top 5 tips we shared to build better relationships, differentiate from the competition and win more clients?

Voodoo TEDx Pitch Lab Crowd Shot