Pitch Lab Invades Startup Fuse’s Pitch Battle @ The Garage

The Garage, Arapahoe Street, downtown Denver  


Brian Timmons, Topbox (1st place winner)
Devin Eldridge, Stow.io
Cameron Smith, Squirrel Box Storage
William Loopesko, GoPawsible


Anthony Franco, CEO of McSquares and Investor
Cory Finney, Boomtown Boulder


Mike Kilcoyne, Co-Founder of Startup Denver, invited Pitch Lab to participate in Pitch Battle in a most Nathan For You kind of way. He asked if Tommy Y (veteran comic and Pitch Lab delivery coach) would join their stellar lineup as a ringer.

Of course we were totally on-board, and Tommy played the part of a zoo-advocate turned entrepreneur pitching his latest development, Growl Energy Drinks for Zoo Animals

Tommy was the third presenter of the evening and masterfully argued that hopping zoo animals up on his all-natural, organic energy drinks would make zoos more exciting and better equipped to compete for the beloved family-entertainment dollar. 

The audience wasn’t in on the joke, and clearly confused at first, but about half way through the pitch when Tommy explained Growl comes in 2 great flavors: Carnivore & Herbivore, the laughs began. Tommy crushed it and had the crowd roaring by the end. 

During investor Q&A Tommy was asked how he got the idea for Growl Energy Drinks. He admitted he was up way too late one night watching documentary about koalas getting drunk off of expired figs when inspiration struck! 

The Mastermind behind the event

The Mastermind behind the event


We had a blast at Pitch Battle, combining the seemingly disparate worlds of comedy and business to help the Denver start-up community find its funny. 

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*And thank you to Jim Darling for taking these dope pics!