Rx Windshields @ Galvanize – Platte St.

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JD Lopez, comedian & producer of Left Hand, Right Brain Podcast played the part of an optometrist entrepreneur and taught us that sometimes the difference between a loser (Clark Kent) and a hero (Superman) is merely a pair of glasses. Hence the unbridled powers of his “prescription windshields” business plan! 

After his mock pitch, JD opened up about vulnerability on stage an acknowledged that some things that take away from your performance can’t be controlled. What can be controlled is how you react to them.

JD then spoke to the necessity of sticking to your guns during a set/pitch and the importance of keep moving forward with confidence no matter what, because with patience your material will eventually get the audience back on your side. 


First-timer Gregory Hernandez, Author & Speaker, stopped by the show and shared his thoughts on our event and the realization that as a leader or sales professional you are on stage and life is a constant audition.

Read his awesome writeup, Send in the Clowns!

What We Learned

20 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills


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