Nick Offerman's Secret to Success

Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

Chasing success can be grueling.


Some nights I go to bed victorious. 


Some days I feel like I came up short... as an entrepreneur, a husband or a Dad.


But we’re harder on ourselves than anyone else is. 


In the midst of it all, are we taking enough time to enjoy what we have right now? Even though we haven’t hit these arbitrary goals we’ve put on ourselves? 


In this 2-minute video, Nick Offerman talks about how he was able to remain patient and happy while waiting for his big break on Parks and Recreation. 


After watching this video I thought about how much of my own happiness I’m withholding until after I’ve “made it”. 


I hope it also inspires you to take some time for yourself this summer and put happiness first. 


Wishing you lots of success… and the patience to get there. 

Before his big break on the hit TV show 'Parks and Recreation', Nick Offerman spent 16 years as a struggling actor. Here's what that challenging time taught the star about happiness and patience.