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Women Who Startup + Pitch Lab
Women Who Startup Denver Pitch Lab

Working with Lizelle and Women Who Startup was one of the highlights of our year!

Not only did Toni Mays kickoff the workshop with a story about the importance of women in leadership, but we had the opportunity to share the stage with comedy great Nancy Norton

It was so much fun learning from Nancy's 20+ years of stand-up comedy experience and hearing her amazing personal stories about comedy legends like Mitch Hedberg, Dane Cook and Ellen DeGeneres! 

"Together Jay and Nancy led us through a brilliant, fun and engaging evening workshop that gave everyone  many new perspectives by using comedy as a powerful tactic to not only engage an audience of any size but to also practice a completely new way to present information with a different tone, tempo and outcome that many have never even considered."
Nancy Norton & Jay Mays Kicking Off Comedy Karaoke @ Women Who Startup HQ

Nancy Norton & Jay Mays Kicking Off Comedy Karaoke @ Women Who Startup HQ

What Women Who Startup Said About Pitch Lab...

"Jay has such a unique background as a salesperson and a comedian that all his experience and advice are so fresh and on point. He really delivered (unlike most other people who give textbook advice but don't have any stage presence). Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I was completely hooked the whole time."
- LinDan N.
"Jay and Nancy were great! This fun and useful workshop included specific strategies for engaging your audience and taking control of the room when presenting which I will definitely put into action!"
- Elizabeth S.
"Comedy Karaoke was a brilliant exercise that helped many break through their fears of public speaking and very quickly created comradery amongst a group of strangers."
- Lizelle V.


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