"Bring Your Own Pitch" @ Universal Mind!

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Bring Your Own Pitch!

You bring the pitch. We provide the stage.

In the same way a stand-up comic hits an open-mic, Pitch Lab is designed to help you clock the 10,000 hours of deliberate practice Malcolm Gladwell says make a master.

Whether you’re persuading a group of VCs, landing your next big client or preparing for an important speech, we all need practice to improve our pitch.

Pitch Lab Universal Mind

Presenters pitched their deck for 5 minutes in front of an expert panel consisting of a stand-up comedian, improve coach, and professional storyteller.

Our presenters received actionable feedback on how to improve their delivery, room command, and storytelling abilities. What was the best part? We all learned by listening to each other speak!

Our Lineup

Alison Daley, Founder & CEO, Recruiting Innovation

Alison is a Colorado native; gold mining runs in her blood. Firmly believing it's better to sell the pick axes in a gold rush then own the mines, she left a 10-year career in recruitment to train tech recruiters on how to improve their success with an online training program called Recruiting Innovation.

Alison Daley Pitch Lab
“I had a wonderful time at Pitch Lab. I thought everything went really smoothly. Pitch Lab had super on-point judges who gave great, constructive feedback. Overall, 5 out of 5 stars!”

Geoffrey Poirier, Founder & CEO, Meometer

Solid mentorship eluded Geoffrey Poirier his entire life, so he founded Meometer to solve the problem of lack of mentorship.

Geoffrey Poirier Pitch Lab
“I found a perfect match for my need to work on my Angel Investor pitch in public: Pitch Lab. I had not yet presented this new pitch to anyone and I needed feedback. I regard comedians as the height of intelligence and awareness so getting feedback specifically from comedy experts who have business minds too? Dreamy!
 The entire panel managed to speak to each presenter’s individual level of experience, from novice to seasoned, and asked intelligent questions/gave sharp feedback. I can’t wait to come back and give it another go after working through the spot-on feedback from the panel.”

Dr. Ryan J. Engstrom, D.C., Founder & CEO, Level Chiropractic

Dr. Ryan is a board-certified Chiropractic Physician with nearly 10-years of practice experience. He is the founder and Chiropractic director of Level Chiropractic, where he creates and implements Chiropractic Corporate Wellness Programs. Dr. Ryan shared with us his latest talk “When Every Day’s a Sick Day: Bringing Healthcare In-House Without Breaking the Bank”

Dr. Ryan Engstrom Pitch Lab
"The feedback, besides being extremely helpful, was coming from professionals who have real world experience and insights into what it takes to get funded. So cool, thanks Pitch Lab!"

Zachary Cassidy, Founder & CEO, InkMage

Every year Americans spend millions of dollars on painful tattoo removals. Getting a tattoo is a serious decision that needs to be considered carefully. Inspired by his own desire for a memorial tattoo, Zach Cassidy developed InkMage, the best AR tool in the market to envision your tattoo before you ink!

Zachary Cassidy InkMage Pitch Lab
“Pitch Lab did a great job making me feel welcome. Their advice was hugely helpful and respectfully given. I cannot recommend them enough if you have even a little anxiety presenting to others.” 

HUGE THANKS to Universal Mind for hosting us and all of our presenters, panelists, and attendees for making this such a great event. 

Keep practicing your pitch, Denver!