Energy Drinks for Zoo Animals @ Galvanize – Golden Triangle

Jay Mays kicking the night off

Jay Mays kicking the night off

Our Topic

Energy drinks for zoo animals.


Daniel Reskin, stand up comedian and producer Casa De Haha, played the part of an animal-loving zoo advocate and entrepreneur pitching his all-natural energy drink for zoo animals.

After his killer pitch we opened up audience Q&A and the discussion quickly turned to tips on preventing nerves before a big show.

Daniel pointed out that anxiety and fear are not the enemy and are actually a powerful tool to be used on stage to give you an edge. He reminded us of the quote,

It’s not about getting rid of the butterflies but getting them to fly in formation
— Daniel Reskin

What Folks Said

I was nervous going into my presentation at Pitch Lab because I’d never been a part of anything like this, but the experience was both fun and encouraging. The instructions about how to prepare were clear, the audience was friendly, and the professionals providing critique were genuinely interested in helping me become a better public speaker. Pitch Lab somehow created an enjoyable way to practice public speaking.
— Jackie, Whole Foods Team Member
Most of us rarely get to practice public speaking, let alone actually get good at it! Pitch Lab literally gave me the opportunity to give a pitch to a panel of professionals and a listening audience who gave me valuable feedback on what I did well and what I could do to improve. Thanks to the Pitch Lab team for putting together such a wonderful experience!
— Christian, Co-founder Highlanders Toastmasters Club


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