Pitch Lab at Thrive Workplace ft. Ben Kronberg from Comedy Central!

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PitchLab in Oct 2017

On a somewhat standard Tuesday, a group of salesmen, entrepreneurs, and creative minds gathered at Thrive Workplace to learn about and practice public speaking.

What made this Tuesday special was Ben Kronberg from Comedy Central, Late Night with Seth Meyers & Jimmy Kimmel Live was on hand to break down stand-up comedy techniques the pros use on stage to help these Denver professionals be funnier, more engaging speakers at work.

Between the basics like breaking the 4th wall and dramatic pause, to the more advanced concepts like improv and storytelling during sales, attendees got to practice telling jokes, improvising and mirroring one another. 


What Attendees Said About The Workshop:

Who would have thought that stand-up comedy and pitching share so much in common? Jay and Ben deliver a slew of invaluable tips and tricks to improve your public speaking ability in a fun (and funny!) way. 
— Kevin C. @ Amazon
Great workshop that helped develop my confidence while speaking in public or for during sales presentations. I strongly recommend for all sales professionals! 
— Doug K. @ ServiceNow
Jay and Ben were really engaging and fun! This is a great program for anyone who wants to understand how to incorporate comedy into your pitch and can benefit from discovering exactly how to command and maintain your audience’s attention. 
— George B. @ BentlyBaths
Ben Kronberg Pitch Lab

If you're interested in learning a thing or two about public speaking and incorporating humor into your pitches, join us at our next event!

Til then, enjoy this photo of Ben Kronberg and Jim Gaffigan's comedy love: 

Ben Kronberg Jim Gaffigan