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5 Comedy Tips That Will Make You A More Captivating Presenter!

  • GA @ Industry RiNo Station 3858 Walnut Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)
Pitch Lab GA

5 Comedy Tips That Will Make You A More Captivating Presenter!

  • Monday, May 13th

  • Hosted by General Assembly @ Industry RiNo Station

  • Doors Open 5:30 - Showtime @ 6pm

  • $35


About This Workshop

This workshop teaches you actionable strategies from your favorite comedians like Chris Rock, Jim Gaffigan and Tina Fey to build better relationships, differentiate from the competition and help more clients. 

Topics Covered

  • How to overcome stage fright and embrace the fear of failure 

  • Why breaking the "4th wall" increases audience engagement

  • The importance of authenticity and vulnerability to build trust


  • Simple tactics to incorporate storytelling into your next presentation

  • Actionable techniques for quickly connecting with audiences 

  • How to use "Yes, And" to communicate your ideas more effectively 

Jay Mays TEDx Voodoo

About Your Instructors

Jay Mays:

Jay is a 20-year sales veteran and stand-up comedy producer. From his underdog beginnings in dive bars to being awarded Best Comedy Venue in Miami, Jay has produced live comedy events for some of the biggest names in entertainment including Viacom, TEDx & Live Nation.

As co-founder of Pitch Lab, Jay combines the seemingly disparate worlds of sales and comedy to help professionals be more confident, engaging speakers.


What Past Attendees Are Saying About Pitch Lab:

“Who would have thought that stand-up comedy and pitching share so much in common? Pitch Lab delivers a slew of invaluable tips and tricks to improve your public speaking ability in a fun (and funny!) way."

– Kevin Cook, Amazon

“Pitch Lab was so awesome! Not sure if I learned or laughed more. We all know a great presenter when we see one, but I never analyzed what makes them great. While what you say is important, it's all of the other details of presenting that play a crucial role in turning a good speaker into a truly captivating presenter.”

– Ashley Brafford, Moore Communications Group

"The whole Pitch Lab concept allows you to not worry about the pitch topic and focus on getting better as a presenter. The insights from the comedian, improv expert and public speaking expert were very useful, and I had a lot of fun.”

– Patrick Murphy, Pandora