How These Companies Used Storytelling to Succeed

Tim Shisler leading "Storytelling for Startups" @ The Commons on Champa

Tim Shisler leading "Storytelling for Startups" @ The Commons on Champa

The companies that succeed in storytelling are the same companies that succeed in sales and growth. The following three stories capture the audience, paint a story, and tie in the product pitch seamlessly. As you go to pitch your product or new service line, take some pointers from the videos below. 

Dollar Shave Club

The market for razor blades was over saturated at best, but Dollar Shave Club was able to break through the noise by using comedy and storytelling in their initial commercial. 

This simple but entertaining video only cost $4,500 but was able to build their business into a multi-million dollar empire. 

Poo Purri

Poo Purri's video is carefully crafted with storytelling in mind. Notice that they don't mention the product in the first full minute. Instead, they paint a clear picture of the problem, using humor to keep the audience engaged. 


Elon Musk's pitch captures audience members and got the web buzzing after his Tesla Powerwall performance. His flow of presentation is carefully crafted, starting with the problem and urgency, before moving onto the possibilities-- before explaining how Tesla will get there. 

The three above videos are examples of companies using storytelling to gain awareness and trust. If you'd like to improve your storytelling for the betterment of your company, contact Pitch Lab. We host public and private events that can transform your pitches and speaking projects into compelling stories.