Comedians & Storytellers Helping You Present Everything Better.

Comedians live or die by their delivery. Improv performers soar or crash based on their ability to control a room. These professionals possess skills and experience that the rest of us in the corporate world badly need but are rarely given.

Pitch Lab is a “PowerPoint Comedy Show” where you'll learn to present everything better. Three volunteers present in front of a live audience to an expert panel that includes a stand-up comedian, improv coach and professional storyteller.

Presenters get actionable feedback on their delivery, room command and story telling, and we all learn by listening in.

The presentations are made by Pitch Lab and purposefully light so that presenters can focus on technique rather than content.

We all need these skills. Whether it's pitching your boss for a raise, giving a sprint demo or presenting to a customer, most of us are "in sales" whether we like it or not.

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